Bati - Handmade Leather

Bati - Handmade Leather


      Bati Leather Goods, Crafted by Hand in Paraguay

      Elevate the Ordinary. That’s their ethos. They take ordinary items that people use every day and elevate the aesthetic by wrapping them in leather. They're known for their hand-stitch finish, which you'll see on all of their goods. This stitch technique has been kept under lock and key by their family of leather artisans in small village in the Paraguay for decades, and holds the secret to getting into tight spaces and wrapping items in leather that you wouldn't otherwise be able to with a machine.

      Bati goods are made with soft, vegetable-tanned cow leather and bare the natural imperfections of the hide. They develop a beautiful patina over time depending on use, care, and sun exposure. Each one is truly unique and reminds us to embrace our scars instead of hiding from them.

      In Paraguay, the country’s overwhelming natural beauty is overshadowed by its crippling poverty rate, which hovers above 40%. Its people are resourceful, humble, and make the most out of what they have. In creating Bati, the founders hope to use their leather goods as a vehicle to show the world the beauty Paraguay has to offer and to tell the inspiring story behind the students of The Macchi School, who they support with proceeds by subsidizing college tuition costs.

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