HILANA: Upcycled Cotton

HILANA: Upcycled Cotton


      HILANA Upcycled Cotton

      From the Maker:

      Our journey started a couple of years ago in Mexico, where we launched our first collection of upcycled cotton colorful hammam towels. The feedback was amazing so we decided to go bigger, and travel where it all began: Turkey. After a bit more of R&D, because they were not familiarized with the upcycling process, they fall in love just like us with textile waste, and started working with it. That's how we launched a full line of sustainable textiles called HILANA. All our products are ethically made from recycled cotton through a clean, nonchemical or water waste process. With Hilana we’d like to reverse the damage caused by the fashion industry, by using its waste as our raw material. We transform that waste into beautiful high-quality and versatile towels, blankets, ponchos, tablecloth and more; through an upcycling process. While protecting the planet, we keep the traditional craft of Turkey alive, as all of our products are woven in looms and hand finished with care. We invite you to join us and being a change maker!


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