Tiradia - Sustainably Sourced, Eco-Friendly Cork Accessories Made in Portugal

Tiradia - Sustainably Sourced, Eco-Friendly Cork Accessories Made in Portugal


      Tiradia’s story begins the same way the best stories start, fueled by passion! When we met while working in a startup company based in Seattle, we realized that we could combine forces to bring a better fashion solution to the market.

      Together at Tiradia, we are so excited to share our beautiful accessories with you!

      From the Maker

      Our mission is to provide the best quality vegan accessories by sharing one of Portugal’s treasures, cork, with you! We are dedicated to offering high quality products with fashion forward concepts while keeping value top of mind. We wish to inspire a more mindful future by empowering consumers to make smarter, sustainable, environmentally conscious decisions, one purchase at a time.

      We believe that the world needs change and change starts with us.
      We believe that products can be environmentally friendly but still be stylish.
      We believe that no animals should be harmed when creating apparel.
      We believe in sustainable practices.
      We believe in cork.
      We believe in our products.
      We believe in you.


      Our name, Tiradia, translates to the action of cork extraction in Portuguese. In our opinion, this is the most important step in the whole process, as it is done carefully and with love to never hurt a tree. Our logo symbolizes the cork tree trunk with a portion of it extracted to create our incredible products. Harvested trees are not damaged, but the trunk beneath is burnt orange which signifies our brand's color. We're conscious of every part of the process and take caring for the environment very seriously. We strive to reduce the amount of plastic used in the supply chain of our products which includes reduced plastic in our packaging shipped to you. 


      Tiradia offers lifestyle accessories that are ethically handmade in Portugal, exclusively using sustainably sourced high-quality natural cork as their fabric.


      As they should. Tiradia is also 100% cruelty-free towards trees. The harvesting is done manually with an axe by industry experts, in a skilled trade that's passed down over generations. No trees are ever cut down! In fact, after harvest and bark starts growing again, these trees consume up to 5x more carbon from the atmosphere.


      Each product is handcrafted in small batches by skilled Portuguese artisans, keeping production close to the source and benefiting the local economy.


      Cork pieces are manually cut in regular shapes and stacked on pallets. Heat and pressure are applied to the cork to press it into blocks, which is later sliced into thin sheets. These layers are first colored, using natural vegetable dyes. Then, attached to a cotton backing.


      Tiradia’s connection to cork runs deep. Co-founder Joana’s family has been producing cork products for wineries in Portugal since the 1920’s, an endeavor that has been passed down through the generations. Hoping to bring this beneficial material to a wider audience, Joana teamed up with co-founder Amanda, a sustainability and animal-rights advocate, to form Tiradia.