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Secret Message - F* It Bangle

Secret Message - F* It Bangle

Lux + Luca
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Want to say, “Fuck It” but you can’t because work, kids, Boss, neighbors, judgmental mother in laws? This secret  message cuff let’s you say what you want and no one is the wiser. Stamped on the inside and textured on the front! 

  • 10g heavy duty 14kfill, sterling silver or brass bangle 
  • Hammered for texture 
  • 5.5” is petite 6” standard
  • Slightly Adjustable 
  • Safe in Water (not brass)
  • Sweat proof (not brass) 


**These cuffs are available in raw Brass. Please note, if you choose this option you are agreeing to Be aware that:

  • Brass turns some wrists green if you have an acidic body chemistry 
  • Brass required polishing to remove tarnish 
  • Tarnish is NOT permanent on these and can be easily wiped away with a jewelry cloth or pad.
  • Brass is NOT safe in water 
  • Keep away from water, aerosols, lotions, sprays, perfume.
  • Brass is a Cheaper Metal. This is why it’s so much cheaper than gold fill or sterling. Please choose gold fill or sterling if you are sensitive to metals and turn green easily.