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Tallgrass Reserve

Tallgrass Reserve

Cheese Grotto
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Landmark Creamery makes delightful sheep and cow milk cheese that takes shape, texture, aroma, and flavor in a myriad of ways. They work directly with regional family farms around Albany, Wisconsin to make their milk blend diverse, dinctinct, and signature.

Tallgrass Reserve is a cow and sheep milk blend that is a buttery, fudgy texture with bright, grassy tang.  It's an all-ages crowd pleaser, beautiful with a dollop of concord grape jam. Sourced from a "small, mixed herd of curious cows," this cheese is like a Havarti and Basque style rolled into one.  You can't get more New American cheese with that one.

The one-pound wedge fits both in the Grotto Classico and Grotto Fresco.

We'll include literature on storing, serving, and pairing the cheeses.

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